EM Pretty Tips For The Shimmer Palette

Em Pretty Shimmer Palette

There are so many ways to use the EM Pretty® eyeshadow palettes. You can do a look using any number of the colors in each palette, but I want to share my method with you guys on the Shimmer Palette.

  1. I start by using the orange shade in the crease of my eye.
  2. Then, using the medium brown shade on the outer part of my crease, I bring it down to the outer corner of my eye.
  3. I then mix in the dark brown shade on to the outer corner of my eye.
  4. After that, I dip my finger into the medium gold shade and pat it into the inner corner of my eye, further blending it in to the dark brown shade.
  5. I use the orange shade again under my eye.
  6. And finish off with putting the light gold shade in my tear duct. This is one of my favorite looks!!

To watch a tutorial on how Emily Jean Beauty uses the Shimmer Palette, check out the Pro Reviews tab. Protect your pretty® with this palette!!