Sandy & Emily Schoellkopf

Sandy Schoellkopf and her daughter Emily founded EM Pretty® in September, 2018. EM Pretty is a cosmetic line with patent-pending makeup formulas rich in calendula flower extract. Calendula flower extract hosts a multitude of health benefits, is a proven antioxidant, and boasts anti-aging properties. EM Pretty's trademarked tagline, "Protect Your Pretty®," promotes the belief that youth protection should begin from the moment you start wearing makeup. The packaging of EM Pretty products is intentionally glamorous, because they say natural does not have to be boring!  

When I asked Sandy what inspired her and Emily to start a business together, she said they both agreed there was a misconception that today's younger generation does not care about anti-aging and the ingredients used in makeup products; and that there was space within the cosmetic industry to develop a natural product that still evoked glamour and fun.

Sandy and Emily have figured out a way to leverage their unique co-ownership as a key aspect of EM Pretty’s brand and appeal to their target demographic. According to Sandy, “our makeup has generational appeal, which is reflected in all aspects of our business. Women my age - I'm 51 -  care greatly about anti-aging and putting the right kind of products on their face. Seeing Emily's generation - she's 19 - have that same level of interest in youth protection is amazing.”

“Our mother-daughter bond creates a level of trust that is essential in a business start-up. We trust in each other's talent, integrity, and instinct”.

Article written by The Fem Word

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