Kiss Me, I’m Wearing EM Pretty

woman wearing EM Pretty lipstick

Lip color has always been the most important part of my makeup routine. For so long I couldn’t find the right lip product because it was either too dry, or wouldn’t stay on long enough. My main goal for my lipstick collection was to create products that moisturize the lips, but are also long-wearing.

EM Pretty® lipstick feels like Chapstick on the lips, and lasts for hours on end. My favorite color for a night out is “Cherry”. It’s a true red that helps bring out the rest of my features. The shade “Bella” is my everyday color because it looks natural when I’m wearing no other makeup on my face, but can also look perfect with a full face of makeup. All of the lipsticks have shine to them and are rich in their colors.

The best part is they are ANTI-AGING!! The formula has been perfected and I truly believe you will all love it! If you are a lip gloss person or someone who doesn’t normally wear a lip color, step out of your comfort zone because these lipsticks are so, so worth it. Love you all.