The Story of EM Pretty

EM Pretty lipstick

I get asked all of the time what inspired me to start a cosmetic line at 18 years old. The truth is, once I came to the realization that makeup and skincare should be combined, I had do to something about it. Yes, the majority of makeup brands have clean ingredients, but there is more to be done. How could I add antioxidants, collagen growth, and reduce inflammation? Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil.

I brought this idea to my mom, the co-founder of EM Pretty®, and she agreed that something had to be done. After working with a renowned chemist for roughly a year, we perfected our formula with the Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil in it.  We are now patent-pending on our formula.

It is so important to start caring about our skin at a young age to prevent damage in the future, so why not “protect your pretty®” with EM Pretty makeup?